Hi there! I'm Calin, a 3D and 2D Artist with a passion for highly detailed bits and bobs, with skills ranging from UI all the way up to full-blown Illustration, and much more...

Welcome to my portfolio page!

A bit about this page:

I’m usually so busy that I don’t have much time to update my own portfolio, but I try to do so every few years… Part of the works you find here represent but an outdated preview of my current skill levels, but hey, if I manage to grab your attention with these older examples, it means you’ll love working with me on your current projects!
Not a big fan of self-sufficiency, and that’s also part of the reason for which I tend not to have much time for presentation, with all the work I put into self-improvement and honing my skills. That being said, may you enjoy your visit!

About how I work:

As with anything in life, you get choices. I’m not the cheapest option out there, nor a person trying to sugar-coat everything being said. The choice you’re making when opting for a collaboration with me is that of getting a sincere opinion and accurate feedback on your project, even before any work commences. I am dead serious about the work I do, and even more serious about the deadlines.
I expect nothing less in return.

I want heaps of input, feedback, and respected terms, so that at the end of the day we can still go out and party in honor of our success!

Latest Works

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Featured in a Magazine

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